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The soldier who liberated this helmet is Harry L. Kuhlmeyer Jr., PFC with D Company, 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division.   His serial number is 39559618.    He registered for the Draft on in 1942 in LA County and took his oath of enlistment on 2-11-43.  Harry was born in Ohio in 1923, had 1 year of college education and was single when he joined the Army (and remained so all his life).  He was working as a stock clerk when he was called up.

It appears Harry was one of the “3 letter” men who joined the 10th in 1943, as he went directly to Camp Hale for his training.   He was assigned to HQ Company 1st Battalion, 87th Mountain Infantry, then to A Company, and ended the War as a rifleman in D Company.  In mid 1943 he was sent to Ft Ord, California for amphibious assault training and was involved in the invasion of the Japanese held island of Kiska later that year (still with 2-HQ-87).  In early 1944 he returned to the US and Camp Carson, CO, then returned to Camp Hale for more training.   In mid 1944 he was sent to Camp Swift TX, then to Ft Patrick Henry where he was sent to Italy for combat in 1945. 

Harry received the Bronze Star medal for his actions in Italy with D Company, and was returned to the US in August of 1945, where he was discharged.  Harry returned to his family home, where he remained until just a few years ago.  He is alive but in nursing care, suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.  The family has refused to allow contact due to his illness and extreme distress.

The story I got from his niece is that “Harry got the helmet from a stack of German stuff his unit was guarding after the end of the War.   They were in Italy close to the Yugoslav border, and the 10th was send into the area to guard the German paratroopers from Tito’s partisans who were crossing the border & attacking Germans who were returning to their home.  Supposedly Harry picked this helmet because he could hide it in his pack.   He also took an officer’s dagger, but that was taken away when he got on the ship to come back to the US.  He really wanted German mountain troop stuff, but all he could get was this paratrooper helmet.  The unit was supposedly the 1st regiment of Hitler’s 4th Paratroop division (I take that as 10 Rgt, 4 FJ Div)”

It was found in the attic of his family home in L.A. along with his uniforms and war souvenirs. 

I hope this helps.

David Lxxxxx.

Board Member, Tenth Mountain Division Foundation

4. Fallschirmjäger Division

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